Breath control play should be illegal?




Recently Jay Wiseman posted on his facebook about a death occurred as result of a breath play scene in the US. He has always claimed to be against breath play as this practice is always dangerous and nobody should ever do it under any circumstances (quote from here). Threfore consent cannot be validly expressed.

I agree with him when he says that people who think they are doing a safe breathplay are delusional. But I think you can make it safer, at least.

It is counterproductive to totally censore the kink itself and any discussione involving it.

Once I was forced to modify a story before sharing it on La Gabbia just because I used throath and rope in the same sentence!

If you read the references Wiseman shared, you will find that the pair had alcohol and engaged in sexual activity while the girl was wrapped in cellophane, with tape over her mouth and nose. Than the man fell asleep while she was still wrapped up and unable to breathe. When he awoke, the girl was unresponsive.

Is really breathplay the problem?? Or was this man not trustworthy?

Discussion groups should not ban a subject, but give guidelines to identify and avoid potential killers (or stalkers, predators, etc).

2 thoughts on “Breath control play should be illegal?

    • Sotto questo ombrello rientrano molte cose, da un deepthroat che ti impedisce di respirare, waterboarding ad una semplice mano sul viso per 5 secondi. Come in tutte le cose, bisogna distinguere e avere buon senso

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