The Power by Naomi Alderman – review

Ever since I bought my kobo, I’ve been reading a lot. My latest book is The Power, or, Ragazze elettriche, by Naomi Alderman.

ragazze elettriche power agata grop porno ridicolo recensione

Illustration inspired by The Power, Naomi Alderman

This author follows in Margaret Atwood‘s footsteps with a dystopian science fiction novel based on gender inequality.

As opposed to Handmaid’s tale, here finally women get the power and it’s their turn to abuse it! In this fictional world, men are afraid of women rather than women being afraid of men. Men must submit to survive!

That seems horrible, unjust and absurd, but then I started to realize that it is exactly the way it works, with inverted roles. It is true that we women are raised to avoid any behaviour which could lead to a conflict with a man, in constant fear of being assaulted or hurt. It got to me, how much fear influences our lives?


Naomi Alderman descrive un mondo distopico in cui gli uomini vivono nel terrore di essere aggrediti dalle donne. Un punto di vista assurdo che aiuta a comprendere le dinamiche di genere nella nostra realtà.

L’ho preso dopo aver ascoltato un podcast di Michela Murgia dedicato a Margaret Atwood, l’autrice del romanzo Il racconto dell’ancella.

Vengono citati anche altri due romanzi: Girls di Jessica Schiefauer, breve, accettabile, e Solo per sempre tua di Louise O’Neill, che fa proprio cagare, non compratelo!

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