Ozuma Kaname – collezione di porno illustrazioni

Colleziono illustrazioni porno erotiche. Lo scorso weekend ho ordinato un po’ quelle di bondage giapponese. Ci ho messo una quantità vergognosa di tempo ad eliminare tutti i doppioni! Enjoy

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The Japanese artist Ozuma Kaname, born in 1939, was trained in classical Japanese painting by his uncle. His images are mainly inspired on the traditional subjects to which he adds beautifully tattooed (wabori) female figures tied-up in inescapable poses.

Facebook fetish marketplace


pink woman shower sandals agata grop pornoridicolo bdsm

I’ve just sold three pairs of old shoes of mine to a feticist.

He contacted me yesterday on my facebook vanilla account. He wrote: -I know it may seem strange, but I’m interested in your ads.

-No, it doesn’t sound strange to me! You are welcome.

We agreed on 15 euros plus a pair of stockings that I will send him back after use.

Maybe I’ve just whored out my feet, but in return I’ve already invested the money in new dojo sandals. Pink, of course.

Hot Pink Line agata grop porno ridicoloSto rinnovando il guardaroba, perciò ho messo in vendita alcune paia di scarpe usate sul marketplace del mio account vanilla.

Ne ho vendute tre in blocco ad un feticista in cambio di 15 euro e un paio di calze che mi sono impegnata a restituirgli dopo averle usate.