Illustrazione BDSM fiorellini e uccellini

birds foto pornoridicolo agata grop mucha bdsm triskele mucha

Tre ore per fare una scansione, ma alla fine viene meglio una foto scattata dal cellulare.

Comunque, acquerello e china su carta. Un grande esaurimento, col digitale si fa prima e viene mejo.

English blog update


my tumblr blog

The English version of this blog on wordpress has just been removed.

As I already owned a tumblr account where I shared my English content, I thought having two similar spaces was pointless.

Whereas pornridicolous.wordpress was just a mere translation of some of my posts, my tumblr blog will be something more!

It will not just host my writing and original images, but I will also share some picture I like from other blogs I follow.

Some erotic and bdsm themed like this


by lamoufettemagnifique

and others that I simply find beautiful, like this gallery of mermaids


by Cory Loftis